Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome to Viking Vapor!

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Viking Vapor Blog and illustrate how easy it is to design your perfect e cigarettes e-liquid through our site. In addition to being able to choose your preference of PG, VG or a Mix you’ll note that each of our more than 100 e cigarette flavors comes with a ‘custom mixing instructions’ field. This field is your key to the perfect e-cig refill liquid! Feel free to utilize this field to add instructions such as: lighter flavoring, add sweetener or add 30% chocolate to this. For example, if you’d like an extremely sweet Strawberry Cotton Candy you would simply order the Cotton Candy e liquid flavoring and add instruction requesting additional sweetener and strawberry flavoring. Imagine the variety of e cig e liquid flavors you can create!

And don’t forget, all standard flavor 30ml bottles are just $9.95 with 7.5ml samples available at $2.99. E-liquid orders with a product total exceeding $50.00 ship for FREE, courtesy of Viking Vapor!

We thank you very much for your business and be sure to let us know if there is anything we may do to assist you further in your ecig juice needs!

Larry Knudson
Viking Vapor


  1. I would like to thank everyone at Viking Vapor for their quality product. I moved to e-cigarettes 18 months ago after smoking for 28 years.

    I tried other vapes and was totally disatisfied by the cost, taste, shipping and general quality of available product. Then I found Viking and have not ordered, or even considered ordering, from another supplier. Except for hoping you will soon have items such as blank cartridges and other vaping supplies, I have no complaints.

    In fact, I have nothing but praise! Keep up the good work. You have earned a loyal client in me.

    Cheryl C.

  2. Your e cig blog is great, and some decent information.. How much for one of your top kits and premium e liquid? I just got some amazing tasting e-liquid, its called fairy dust, taste so good, do you stock it?

  3. really impressive information and choices, thumbs up :)
    electronic cigarettes filled with liquids of own choice and additional taste options is really wonderful. i love the chocolate taste, however ordering any specific taste, is preferred by smokers looking for specific taste.

  4. Not at all like customary cigarettes, e-cigarettes are considered not harmful or lungs , and there is a battery-work and utilize a warming component to warmth e-fluid from a refillable cartridge, discharging a compound filled vaporized. It’s good that more than 100 flavors are available in e-cigarettes.