Friday, November 18, 2011

Best E Cigarettes E-Liquid for the Holidays

As we’re coming into the chillier winter months, nostalgic memories of warm apple cider or freshly baked pecan pie may generate some cravings for holiday foods. There’s no need to break out the recipe book and heat up the oven, you can enjoy these holiday treats easily – and with less calories – through a specialty e cigarette e juice flavor.

Here at Viking Vapor, we pride ourselves in offering a huge selection of more than 100 e-liquid flavors, all of which are completely customizable for taste, PG/VG added levels and more. With the holidays in mind, we’ve compiled our top 5 favorite e cig e liquid flavors for the winter months.

  1. RY # 4 : this robust tobacco flavor is rounded out with hints of sweetness through the vanilla and caramel flavors. We’ve perfected the combination of tobacco flavor with vanilla e liquid for an unmatched Ry # 4 e juice flavor. It’s a Viking Vapor fan favorite and is sure to be a hit this winter. There’s nothing like vaping the taste of tobacco to warm you up.
  2. Graham Cracker & Chocolate Hazelnut: Coinciding with the spike in firepits outside, a s’more-inspired e cig refill liquid is gaining popularity as well. You can custom mix your own s’more e juice flavor if you prefer a stronger chocolate flavor or want to add a hint of vanilla e-liquid, or simply order the s’more e-liquid and add customizations on the check-out screen there.
  3. Egg Nog: Craving a thick cup of egg nog this holiday season? Viking Vapor offers a realistic egg nog flavor that mimics the dairy, brandy combinations of a real glass. Just like the real deal, egg nog ecig eliquid may not be for everyone; however, if you are someone who looks forward to egg-nog-filled fridges around the holidays, try vaping our egg nog-inspired e cig e-liquid.
  4. Chocolate & Pecan: If you’re salivating for a choco-pecan pie e-liquid flavor, this is a great combination to try. Chocolate e cig e liquid is one of our top sellers, and it’s sure to satisfy when mixed with the unique flavors of pecan ejuice.
  5. Peppermint & Chocolate: Yet another classic taste around the holidays, vape a Peppermint and Chocolate e liquid mix that makes you think of choco-covered candy canes.

Do you have any favorite holiday e-liquid flavors? Let us know your favorite combinations, or comment and tell us about flavors you’d like to see. We’re a 100% American-made, family-owned and operated e cig company and striving to meet your needs!


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