Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Vocabulary & Slang

The number of electronic cigarette users is growing rapidly, and with them, a new vocabulary is emerging. Many of the electronic cigarette vocabulary is second nature to our loyal Viking Vapor fans, but some aren’t as well known or as commonly used.

Here’s our list of electronic cigarette vocabulary and slang, hopefully it’ll help you navigate your e-cig purchases easier.

  • Electronic cigarette: It looks like a cigarette, it smokes (sort of) like a cigarette, but it contains none of the toxins that traditional cigarettes carry. The electronic cigarette is a tech-y looking cigarette that is smoked as a normal cigarette would, but produces vapor rather than smoke.
    • Slang: “E-Cigarette,” “E-Cig,” “ECig,” “eCig”
  • Personal Vaporizer: Another name for an electronic cigarette, some users prefer this term because it drops the sometimes negatively-associated word “cigarette.” Personal Vaporizer is an accurate term, because the vapor is produced by process of vaporization of the liquid in the electronic cigarette.
    • Slang: “PV”
  • Cartridge: The cartridge is essentially the mouthpiece of the e-cig; it holds the liquid that is vaporized and is where the “e-smoker” puffs. Cartridges can come pre-filled with the e-cig refill liquid or not.
    • Slang: “Cart,” “Carty”
  • Atomizer: The atomizer is what makes the electronic cigarette smoking experience happen; its where the e-liquid is heated and vaporized.
    • Slang: “Atty”
  • Cartomizer: A cartomizer is a cart-atty combo; the cartomizer combines the atomizer and the cartridge in one piece. It’s easier to assemble and begin using your electronic cigarette than having a separate cartridge and atomizer.
    • Slang: “Carto”
  • Electronic Cigarette Liquid: The e-cig liquid is what makes e-cigs so popular! The electronic cigarette liquid is what fills the cartridges, and is the liquid that is vaporized by the atomizer. It provides flavor to the user and can be customized to include or withhold nicotine. For many users who previously smoked traditional cigarettes, they prefer tobacco e-liquid, for the smoky flavor. There’s a huge world of e-cig fans who discuss and review the best e-liquid flavors so you can sift through for recommendations on flavors or companies.
    • Slang: “E-Cig Refill Liquid,” “Smoke Juice,” “E-Juice,” “E-Liquid”
  • Cart Helpers: Cart Helpers are labels, printed with the name of the e-liquid flavor, used to label cartridges and atomizers. They help vapers remember which flavors they've been using in the e-cigs.
  • Vaper: A vaper describes a user of e-cigs; rather than being called “smokers,” a vaper is more accurate and releases the “smoking” association.
  • Vape, Vaping: Similar to vaper, vape/vaping are the verbs used to describe the action of using electronic cigarettes. Because water (e-liquid) is vaporized when inhaled with e-cigs rather than tobacco puffed through combustion with traditional cigarettes, vaping is more accurate.
    • Slang: “Vape,” “Vaping,” “E-Smoking”
  • Throat Hit: A throat hit is what vapers note that they feel on the back of their throat as they inhale an e-cig. The way a throat hit feels varies per vaper and depends on a few factors: mainly the nicotine level of the e-liquid, but also can depend on e-liquid quality, proper e-cig usage and more.
    • Standard Throat Hit: This is the normal throat hit experienced by vapers, not too strong but satisfying and most preferred.
    • Full Flavor Throat Hit: This is a strong throat hit, it may feel like a burning in your lungs right after inhaling.
    • Filterless Throat Hit: This is the strongest throat hit available.
  • Propylene Glycol: This is a natural, colorless, odorless organic compound that is classified as “generally recognized as safe” for use as a food additive by the US FDA.
    • Slang: “PG”
  • Vegetable Glycol: Vegetable Glycerin or Glycol, is an organic compound used to sweeten various products. Some vapers have a PG allergy, which is why we offer a VG only option or a PG/VG mix.
    • Slang: “VG”
  • Nicotine Level: Many e-liquids can be customized to include nicotine. For an ex-smoker, including nicotine in the e-liquid helps fight the urge to retreat back to smoking. Though e-cigs are not an approved smoking cessation device, including nicotine is noted to help fight sudden urges. Having a higher nicotine level delivers a stronger throat hit when inhaled. At Viking Vapor, all of the e-liquids can be customized to include nicotine levels from 0 mg to 36 mg. We mix our e-liquids strictly and offer consistent nicotine levels based on the mixing option you choose.
    • Slang: “Nic” Level
  • Thinning E-Liquid Flavor: To “thin” an e-liquid means to even out the flavor of the e-juice, especially for e-liquids with a high VG mix, which tends to be thick. Thinning it helps the e-liquid work better with a carto and evens out the flavor. Viking Vapor e-liquids can all be customizable, so contact us if you’re worried about your custom e-liquid being too thick and we can make sure it’s perfect for what you want!

We know that you avid vapers have more e-cig slang – or are developing new and clever ways to discuss all things electronic cigarette. Write in the comments section about any vocabulary or slang we left out, or new and emerging jargon you see!

As always continue to buy e-liquids online at Viking Vapor – we offer over 100 completely customizable e-cig flavors, at the low price of $9.95 for 30 ml of e-liquid.


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